Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Album Review: Human Infection - Curvatures in Time

Release Date:  Feb 11th, 2014
Blast Head Records

Hailing from Virginia, Human Infection plays classic US style death metal akin to acts like Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation.  The band has been active since mid 2009 and released their first album "Infest to Ingest" in 2012.    

On the surface, "Curvatures" sounds very similar to it's predecessor;  sticking close to the aggressive style of the aforementioned bands.  However, there is definite progression to be found here.  

The first track "Celestial" emerges with a classic form death metal riff and then quickly moves into some interesting tempo shifts accompanied by an unexpected grindcore-esq section (1:40).  The musicianship is tight and vocalist Andrew Brown sounds more vicious than ever.  This pretty much sets the stage until we hit "In Vain".  Here we see HI change it up with some slower and more atmospheric passages - very effective!  This continues into the next track "Sacrificial Skies" which at times uses some darker type chord progressions.  Some of the best moments on the album here.  The remaining songs shift the focus back to the sonic barbarity they do best.  Well done boys.  

Production wise "Curvatures in Time" has that old school edge.  A fitting sound for them as many modern bands claiming to be "old school" are far too polished and over produced to be taken seriously.  It's refreshing to hear a modern drum recording that doesn't rely on excessive triggering or sound replacement.  The snare is very in-your-face and punchy while the guitars and vocals sit nicely in the mix.  The overall bass level maybe a bit too much but I don't think it really detracts from the clarity of the music.

The twisted landscape depicted on the cover art looks great and fits the album's lyrical concept.  Artist Mark Cooper has a distinct style and was a suitable choice.

Although still a young and developing band, Human Infection's dedication to their craft is evident in the music they create.  It seems that sticking with what they know works well for them;  however, it would be great to hear more songs like "In Vein" and "Sacrificial Skies".  Fans of classic US death metal check these guys out!! 

Choice Cuts:  Celestial /  Devastation / In Vain / Sacrificial Skies

Listen to Decay Inheritance:

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